Episode 11- Rejecting Homeownership, Traveling the World & Retiring by 31 Years Old


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Meet Kristy Shen & Bryce Leung, two millennials that decided to invest and retire early rather than buy a home in their high cost of living area, Toronto, Canada. They retired from their jobs at the age of 31 years old by working hard, prioritizing their spending and making smart investments and now they are traveling the world and sharing their experience with us.

Krysti and Bryce decided to figure out a lifestyle that would work best for them and made their dreams of early retirement come true. In this interview, we discuss the following:

  • The actual steps they took to retire at 31
  • What gave them the motivation to start saving and cutting back on their \”spendy\” lifestyle and how they continued to keep their expenses in check while growing their income
  • Why they don\’t believe home ownership is for everyone and dismantling the thought of homeownership as part of the \”dream\”
  • How they deal with operating in a society where we are conditioned to believe that what we do for a living equals our worth
  • How they manage to travel the world on a moderate budget plus much more!


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