Episode 18- How Couples Can Get On The Same Financial Page, My TV Debut & A Major Announcement


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Money is one of the leading causes of stress and issues in relationships. Whether you are dating or married, getting on the same financial page with your partner is crucial to accomplishing your overall life goals. On today\’s podcast, I\’m talking with Elle Martinez from Couple Money. Couple Money explores how couples can build their finances together and just won Best Family Finance Blog at the 8th Annual Plutus Awards.

In today\’s episode with Elle, we talk about the following:

  • Why Elle started Couple Money and its mission
  • How couples can merge two opposing goals or visions for the future and compromise
  • The four different types of money date and what to do and not do on a money date
  • The importance of building a budget together and the 3 types of budgets
  • If all couples should merge their finances and how couples can boost their bottom line
  • Preparing for the major milestones; having a baby and buying a home
  • How a couple can plan to retire early together.
  • What to do if one partner is not on board with improving or optimizing their finances
  • How can people who are just dating or a single person approach the subject of money with a potential partner

Also, I share two huge announcements on this episode. First, I will be on the local NYC News 12 Bronx and Brooklyn stations as the financial expert on a new weekly segment. News 12 runs on Optimum Cable (channel 12) & Spectrum (channel 212). The first show will air today (November 8th) on News 12 Bronx at 4pm EST and News 12 Brooklyn at 5pm EST and will repeat over the next few weeks.

Here\’s the preivew of the segment.

You\’ll have to listen to this podcast episode to hear the second big announcement…

And here is the link to the first full segment!


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