Episode 19- The Pillars of FI & How You Can Reach Financial Independence


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What is Financial Independence and how can you reach it? Today I sit down with the guys from the Choose FI podcast to talk about the pillars of Financial Independence (FI) and the practical steps you can take to attain this goal.

In today\’s episode with Jonathan & Brad, we talk about the following:

  • The backgrounds of Jonathan & Brad from Choose FI and what prompted them to get off the hamster wheel
  • Jonathon graduating with $168,000 in student loan debt and how he paid it off
  • What FI is and how do you know when you\’ve reached FI
  • The Pillars of FI (Get your Pillars of FI cheatsheet by clicking here or signing up below)
  • How can someone begin to work towards FI even while still in debt plus so much more!

On last week\’s podcast episode, I talked about making my TV debut here in NYC as the personal finance expert on a weekly segment. Check out the preview below and watch the segment online here.

If you\’re local in NYC, you can watch me every Wednesday on Making Cents w/ Kristie on News12 Bronx at 4pm and News12 Brooklyn at 5pm on Optimum (channel 12) & Spectrum (channel 212) cable networks.


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