Episode 2- How We Saved $85K


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This solo episode dives into how my husband and I saved $85K in 12 months. I discuss:

  • How I got over my fear of sharing the actual numbers to the “world”
  • The types of savings and investing accounts we used
  • How budgeting and the 457 Plan changed the game for us and allowed us to invest even more
  • How to create, set up and stick to your own savings goals


[bctt tweet=\”I\’m listening to Episode 2 of the #JourneyToLaunch podcast, How We Saved $85K in 12 months\” username=\”journeytolaunch\”]

[bctt tweet=\”We made saving as automated as possible \” username=\”journeytolaunch\”]

[bctt tweet=\”We were willing to be uncomfortable\” username=\”journeytolaunch\”]

[bctt tweet=\”Income – Expenses = Gap, the Gap is how you build wealth\” username=\”journeytolaunch\”]

[bctt tweet=\”No matter where you are with your finances or how much you make, there\’s a way to build wealth\” username=\”journeytolaunch\”]

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