Episode 9- End Financial Stress & Improve Your Financial Outlook


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Money is a leading cause of stress. How you spend and manage your money directly stems from what you think about and how you feel about money. In this episode, I talk to Emily Guy Birken, an accomplished finance writer whose latest book \”End Financial Stress Now\” walks you through the exact steps on how to achieve the mindset of financial flexibility and improve your financial outlook. Even if you don\’t feel overly stressed about your money, the concepts explained in this book will help you understand your relationship with money.   

Here are just some of the things we discuss in this episode:

  • Why it\’s important to put a space between our finances and how we FEEL about our finances
  • How to figure out what money means to you
  • How to use the \”Five Why\’s\” exercise to get to the root of your money problem
  • The emotional meaning we assign to money and how that translates into how we treat money
  • How to rid yourself of the scarcity mindset
  • The Four Money Scripts and how to identify which one you use in your life
  • Actual steps to take to improve your financial outlook plus so much more


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