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Come behind the scenes with me and help share a message with the potential to change thousands of lives: 

“YOU Can Achieve Financial Freedom”

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6 Reasons You're Great for the Book Launch Team..

1. You're Already One of My Students or Podcast Listeners

and you know what I share has the potential to truly help anyone.

2. Your Life Has Changed as a Result of Discovering Financial Independence

and you want to help others to experience the same.

3. You Believe Everyone Can Become Financially Free

and you want to share that message to everyone who will hear it

4. You Want to Enjoy the Journey to Financial Freedom

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5. You Know How Challenging it Can Be to Stay Committed to the Journey

and you want to make it easier for those following in your footsteps.

6. You Want to Join Me on an Incredible Journey

while getting a backstage look at a book launch and learning how it’s done!

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

How big of a commitment is this?

If you’ve been invited to be a part of this book launch team, it means I think you’re amazing and trust you to share the message in whatever way you feel called. We’d love it if you could pour the same commitment you have for yourself into helping others learn about financial freedom. My team and I have so many incredible resources to share that’ll make it easy to spread the word! 

That said, I do have a few key asks for my Book Launch Team:

– Order a hard copy of the book
– Share about the book on social media or with family, friends and co-workers
– Leave a review on Amazon or Good Reads on the day of the book release (December 5th)
– More than anything SPREAD THE WORD!!!

No worries — I don’t expect you to have a ton (or any) of experience. Plus, full-disclosure, this is the first book I have ever written and released, so we are in this learning process together.

That said, when you join, you will get a copy of the Launch Team Handbook, which contains everything from the logistics to simple instructions for becoming an awesome #launchteam member. 

Pre-orders allow us to prove to booksellers that this book is important and needed.


Aside from the cost to purchase Your Journey to Financial Freedom, no! You are doing me a massive favor here. And, in the end, this is about getting the message to the people who most need to hear it.






When you join, you will have the opportunity to sign up to have me on as a guest for a 20-minute long podcast or video interview (limited spots available!). To make it as easy as possible, I’ve even put together a guide on how to prepare and what sort of questions you might want to ask.


We would love if you would buy an additional copy for a friend who may need it, however if you’re not in a position to do so we still welcome you with open arms! Just add your order details above.


Thank you for all of the support, and for being on this journey with me! Looking forward to spreading this message.

xo, Jamila